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Be Happy, Just Be Happy

A couple of weeks ago, I drew for The Garlands Of Barrington anniversary celebration. . It was one of the most pleasant events I had this summer. The seniors were a delight to talk to. They shared with me stories of their life, memories from their past, the places they have been to, the careers they chose, their long married life, etc. One couple told me they were married for 70 years and they were still going strong! They all talked about the activities they are currently taking part in, such as painting, traveling and bowling. I met a woman who won a championship bowling tournament this year. It was great to see the residents still have an enthusiasm for living.

I received a lot of insight that day. One woman in particular gave me this advice: "Be happy! Just be happy." She told me that whenever I should feel worried or upset, know that it will pass. "Be happy!" I have to wonder, what does that mean?. The declaration of Independence talks about the pursuit of happiness. Not everyone has the same idea for making himself happy. What happens when your pursuit of that happiness conflicts with another person/s?

I believe that true happiness does not come from a stimulant. It cannot be bought or sold. The feeling of happiness you get from those things do not last. So, allow me to pass on to you an addendum to what that wonderful woman told me: be happy by doing what is best for the moment. Don't let your pursuits of happiness take another's happiness away. I believe it is important to focus on what you can control, and that is, yourself. Do the best you can for your future. Keep learning and keep growing.

It was a great honor to be part of The Garlands Of Barrington residents'' life. I am glad that I have had the ability to make these wonderful people happy with my drawings, even if only for a moment. But, isn't that what life is - nothing more than a series of moments? So...make sure you make every one of them count!

A special thanks To Bill Lawton for the wonderful photographs.

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Adam Belmares Caricatures, caricaturist, caricature artist blog
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