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Nothing Regular About These Caricatures!


You haven't seen caricatures like these!  Adam has a style that's all his own.  He has a passion for drawing and he clearly shows it.  Besides making people laugh with his artistic talent and quick wit, he also gives genuine personal attention to every person that he draws.   

Adam is a fast caricature artist.  We don't call him "Speedy Belmares" for nothing!  He is fast AND good!  It takes Adam 2-3 minutes to draw each person in black & white and an extra 1-2 minutes to add color.  If that is not impressive enough for you, Adam tops it off by capturing the likeness of the person within that time frame.  

Adam has done it all, from performing at big elegant venues to small back yard bar-b-ques. Traditional Caricatures is truly great for any event.  Whether it be indoors or outdoors, gloomy or sunshine, Adam can bring laughter and smiles to your event. His enthusiasm and love for his art will become highly contagious to all who witness it!

Consider Traditional Caricatures for:


  • holiday parties   

  • birthday parties (little kids and big kids)

  • back yard bar-b-ques

  • graduations

  • carnivals

  • community events

  • school dances

  • sporting events

  • family reunions

  • personal milestones

  • religious milestones

Traditional Prices
to be caricaturized by Adam Belmares

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Traditional Caricature Entertainment Prices

  Click on the price chart for a larger view. 


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