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The Perfect Marriage of Caricature Entertainment

If you love the Traditional style of caricature drawings on paper, but want to implement the WOW factor to entertain your guests, this will be perfect for your wedding reception.  This is Traditional with Digital Display or "Trad-Digi".  Adam Belmares Caricatures is the pioneer of this caricature entertainment style.  Adam will draw your guests, all the while entertain not only the person sitting in front of him, but a group of guests as they stand in line waiting to be drawn.  Using a camera and a TV display setup, he will keep your guests enamored with the process. This form of caricature entertainment is received very well at both intimate and extravagant wedding receptions.  

It takes Adam about 2-3 minutes to  draw each person in black & white  and another 1-2 minutes to add color.  If that is not impressive enough, Adam tops it off by capturing not only the likeness, but the personality of your guests on paper.  Standers by will enjoy a live show watching Adam draw through a large screen TV, entertained on a modern level. 

Opt to have your guests' caricature drawn on one of our PDS (Pre-Designed Sheets) themed border designs.  See More

"I’m so thrilled we chose to do caricatures in lieu of traditional table favors!! Adam is extremely talented, professional, and a lot of fun!! My guests all raved over the idea and were excited to recieve their one of a kind favor! Book this man, he will not disappoint!"

- Sarah S.

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Trad-Digi Caricature Entertainment Prices

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