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Your Event will Surely be a Hit!


Live Digital Caricatures is an interactive and modern form of entertainment for corporate events, fundraisers, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, mitzvahs and milestone birthdays.  Adam will have no problem entertaining your guests through his caricatures. It is very well received by the daring individuals who participate as well as by the spectators who will patiently wait in line as they will enjoy the entertainment of a live show, watching the process of drawing on a large screen TV.  

Adam is a fast caricature artist.   It takes Adam about 3-5 minutes to draw each person in black & white and another 3-5 minutes to add color.  If that is not impressive enough, Adam tops it off by capturing the likeness of the person within that time frame.  


Whether you are looking to create a memorable company milestone party, celebrate your corporate anniversary or make a personal impression on your next family event, Adam will captivate your guests with his talent and engage them with his personable and genuine personality.  

Consider Digital Caricatures for:


  • holiday parties   

  • birthday parties (little kids and big kids)

  • cotillions

  • anniversaries

  • graduations

  • community events

  • school dances

  • family reunions

  • personal milestones

  • religious milestones

  • mitzvahs

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