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Digital Caricatures for

Trade Shows & Expos

Drawing attention to your booth is not easy, especially when the place is crowded with other vendors also competing for attention. 

Let Adam do the drawing for you! 


Not only is it easy for Adam to draw guests at trade shows, he naturally acts as a magnet.  Spectators from a distance will not resist being drawn to your booth.  With the help of the tall stand and large screen displaying the drawing process of Adam's caricatures, guests will be captivated.  While people crowd around your booth to watch, you can converse with them, really listen and get to know their needs, helping for improvement and growth of your business.

"Adam did a great job in setting up an attractive area for people to watch him draw digital caricatures! He did a great job in engaging the kids while they sat for their drawing. I was very impressed with how he interacted with people and how well he captured the likeness of each individual!"

- Julie Selof

Andigo Credit Union

Schaumburg, IL

March 2018

Special Caricatures


Adam's caricatures do not typically end up in the garbage.  We hear countless stories from our clients and guests who recognize Adam as they were drawn by him from a previous event and proudly explain where they keep their caricature.  They keep it framed, hanging in their family room, in their office or sitting close on top of their bedside table.  They tell us how they "chuckle" and laugh whenever they pass by it.  We are humbled and proud at the same time to hear these stories.  It is our motivation for what we do.  We do focus on "Making the world laugh one face at a time"  and we love doing it! 


Digital Caricatures as a Marketing Tool

If you want to get attention from potential clients and give them something they will ACTUALLY KEEP, this is it.  We will help you by incorporating your logo and contact information onto the printed caricature drawings.  Guests drawn will receive a 4"x 6" photo printed on site that they will wear proudly.

If you wish to market your business in a creative fashion, you won't get more creative than this.  Use one of our PDS (Pre-Designed Sheets) themed border designs that your guests will be drawn on or have one custom made displaying your particular product or service.  See More

"Speedy Belmares"

Adam is a fast caricature artist.   It takes Adam about 3-5 minutes to draw each person in black & white and another 3-5 minutes to add color.  If that is not impressive enough, Adam tops it off by capturing the likeness of the person within that time frame.​  


The Set Up

The set up is fairly simple.  It consists of  a digital IPAD sitting on a tripod connected to a large screen TV hanging firmly on a metal stand.  I also provide the printer and supplies, of course.  

All I request from you is a table and 2 chairs located close to an electrical outlet.  I will prepare with the necessary electrical cords.

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Digital Caricatures  Prices

  Click on the price chart for a larger view. 

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