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A Different Form of Wedding Entertainment

Live Digital caricature entertainment is the latest form of wedding entertainment.  It is much more suitable for elegant and formal receptions.  Drawings are done on a digital tablet and printed on site for your guests to immediately enjoy and share a good laugh! They will also receive access to a digital download of their caricature found online through our website. 
It takes Adam about 3-5 minutes to  draw each person in black & white  and another 3-5 minutes to add color.  If that is not impressive enough, Adam tops it off by capturing the likeness of the person within that time frame.  Standers by will enjoy a live show by watching the process of drawing on a large screen TV and enjoy their digital caricature. 

Opt to have your guests' caricatures drawn on one of our PDS (Pre-Designed Sheets) themed border designs.  See More

Live out of the Chicagoland area? 
Hire Adam Live Online through Caricatures 911 
and save on the high cost of travel.  



"Adam saved us!  Our original artist canceled on us two days before our wedding.  We were lucky Adam was available and even luckier that his skills and professionalism are really the best out there!  I would use him again and recommend him to everyone!"

- Cindy N.

Chicago, IL


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Digital Caricature Entertainment Prices

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