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A Different Form of Wedding Entertainment

Live Digital Caricature entertainment is the latest form of wedding entertainment.  It is much more suitable for elegant and formal receptions.  Drawings are done on a digital tablet and printed on site for your guests to immediately enjoy and flaunt. They will also receive access to a digital download of their caricature found online through our website. 
It takes Adam about 3-5 minutes to  draw each person in black & white  and another 3-5 minutes to add color.  If that is not impressive enough, Adam tops it off by capturing the likeness of the person within that time frame.  Standers by will enjoy a live show by watching the process of drawing on a large screen TV and enjoy their digital caricature. 

Opt to have your guests' caricature drawn on one of our PDS (Pre-Designed Sheets) themed border designs.  See More

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Digital Caricature Entertainment Prices

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