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Caricatures with Digital Entertainment!


Drawing caricatures live has always made for great entertainment.  Now, add a camera and TV and we have taken a traditional art form to another level.  If you enjoy the traditional art form of drawing, and you are looking for a way to entertain your guests with a modern twist, this gives you the best of both worlds.  We call it:  Tradigi.  Adam can entertain your guests that are being drawn and all the while entertain those who simply enjoy watching the process of drawing from a distance. 

Adam is a fast caricature artist. We don't call him  "Speedy Belmares" for nothing!  It takes Adam 2-3 minutes to draw each person in black & white and an extra 1-2 minutes to add color.  

Tradigi Caricatures not only makes a great entertainment option for your next family event or community function, but it also makes for a great teaching presentation for curious spectators of all ages. 

Consider Tradigi Caricatures for:


  • holiday parties   

  • birthday parties (little kids and big kids)

  • cotillions

  • anniversaries

  • graduations

  • community events

  • school dances

  • family reunions

  • personal milestones

  • religious milestones

  • mitzvahs

Live out of the Chicagoland area? 
Hire Adam Live Online through Caricatures 911 
and save on the high cost of travel.  


Trad-Digi Prices

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Tradigi Caricature Entertainment Prices

  Click on the price chart for a larger view. 


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