Personalize your wedding invitations, 'Save the Date' cards, table centerpieces or a framed artwork with a caricature of you and your fiancee.  

Wedding Caricatures!

Adam hand draws the caricatures from photos and puts every detail into the artwork on an 11x17" sized paper.  He then colors it all using airbrush equipment (Traditonal- levels 1 & 3).  Depending on your needs, you may opt for a digital caricature (level 2) and receive a digital file that you can use to replicate for 'Save the Date' cards, invitations, table centerpieces and whatever your imagination and heart desires. You can take the artwork and finish the stationary yourself with a printing shop, if your budget is tight or we can take that task for you, so that you can focus on more important things.  Contact us for a customized quote.  


If you are looking for a personal gift for the bride & groom to keep, this will definitely make an impact with a good laugh that they will love.   See below for the three different levels of artwork.



Caricature drawn from a photo
Caricature drawn from a photo
Caricature from photos
Caricatures drawn from a photo
Digital Caricature in color


Digital Caricature
Digital Caricature in color


Head & Shoulders Only:

Caricatures drawn from a photo
Caricature Artwork Prices

Traditional work (Levels 1 & 3): 

original 11" x 17" sized paper sent via U.S.P.S.  Medium: Airbrush

Digital Work (Level 2):

digital file sent via email.



Flat fee: $20.00 for up to 25 characters.

 $1  for each additional character


          Sneak A Peek:  


For an extra fee of $20.00 you can see the drawing before it's completed for the opportunity to request any changes. 

Get a quote on a custom caricature artwork drawn from a photo.

See what our clients are saying...(see more)

"I met with Adam.  I showed him what I wanted to have done. He said it was quite doable.  We first met on a Monday and the following Monday we met again with the finished caricatures.  When my family started opening their Christmas gifts, the first Caricature got so many oohs and aahs and everyone was laughing so hard. As each person would receive one, we all laughed harder and harder,  comparing who looked the cutest and who looked the funniest.  It was easy to guess who's who,  as Adam caught even the tiniest facial features, I hadn't noticed.  To make a long story short, we loved the finished products and now know who to call when we need anything of the kind. Honest, prompt and especially kind.  Thanks Adam - we all love the caricatures.  Hope to see you again soon." 

-  Marge Kenealy

Plainfield, IL

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