Trad-Digi Caricature Entertainment


Trad-Digi is started by Adam Belmares Caricatures.  It is taking a Traditional art form of caricature entertainment, adding a camera and TV and Trad-Digi is born.  This is perfect if you prefer the style of traditional drawings on paper, but want to raise the level of entertainment. Trad-Digi Caricature Entertainment is well received in the corporate world. This form of entertainment definitely gives guests a new experience making your corporate event a huge success.


Consider Trad-Digi Caricatures for:


  • holiday parties   

  • team building meetings

  • grand opening 

  • seminars                                         

  • conferences 

  • appreciation events 

  • board meetings 

  • shareholder meetings 

  • company milestone parties

Besides the entertainment factor, the memento of a caricature drawing will not be wasted.  Adam's caricatures typically end up being framed in people's homes and offices treasuring this unique gift.

Marketing Tool


If you are having your company's grand opening, launching a new product or service or wish to get more leads,  Adam will be able to help you get the attention you are looking for in a crowded area.  The large screen TV set up will attract attention from a distance.  His witty humor and genuine character will give your guests an experience to remember, leaving them with a memento that they will ACTUALLY  KEEPADAMIZING  your small business or corporate event means that Adam will help make your guests remember your event AND your business. ​We will help you promote your business by implementing your company logo on one of our PDS (Pre-Designed Sheets) themed border designs - that your guests will be drawn onto or have one custom made displaying your product or service.  See More

Speedy Belmares

It takes Adam about 2-3 minutes to draw each person in black & white and an extra 1-2 minutes to add color. If that's not impressive enough, Adam captures the unique character of every person within that time frame.  See some samples of his work.


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See what our clients are saying...(see more)

"I met with Adam.  I showed him what I wanted to have done. He said it was quite doable.  We first met on a Monday and the following Monday we met again with the finished caricatures.  When my family started opening their Christmas gifts, the first Caricature got so many oohs and aahs and everyone was laughing so hard. As each person would receive one, we all laughed harder and harder,  comparing who looked the cutest and who looked the funniest.  It was easy to guess who's who,  as Adam caught even the tiniest facial features, I hadn't noticed.  To make a long story short, we loved the finished products and now know who to call when we need anything of the kind. Honest, prompt and especially kind.  Thanks Adam - we all love the caricatures.  Hope to see you again soon." 

-  Marge Kenealy

Plainfield, IL

December 2017

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