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     "We are all mad here - No! We are not! Our client absolutely loved the Mad Hatter Tea Party caricature Adam drew. There was no wrong way, this way or that way.  Adam hit all the right figures emphasizing their best qualities, that only helped in growing our client satisfaction.  Thank you, Adam"

- Bianca Porter

Elmhurst, Illinois

November, 2016

Corporate Gift Caricatures!


Make an impact for your client, employees and staff.  Gift caricatures will give the gift of laughter.  Adam puts his special touch to all his caricatures. His work has made great gifts for staff appreciation as a way to bring together a team. Show your colleagues and boss how much they mean to you. 


Make a bigger impression by going bigger.  We also offer a poster size caricature.  This will surely make the impact you are looking for the employee retirement party, staff appreciation party or acknowledging the outstanding employee. 


Get your photos ready to get started.  Choose a level style to meet your needs. This caricature gift will make a truly unique gift for that special person in your life!


Caricature levels Artwork from photos
Price Chart


Head & Shoulders Only:

Caricatures drawn from a photo
Caricature levels price chart.png

Traditional work (Levels 1 & 3): 

original 11" x 17" sized paper sent via U.S.P.S.  Medium: Airbrush

Digital Work (Level 2):

digital file sent via email.



Flat fee: $20.00 for up to 25 characters.

 $1  for each additional character


          Sneak A Peek:  


For an extra fee of $20.00 you can see the drawing before it's completed for the opportunity to request any changes. 

Get a quote on a custom caricature artwork drawn from a photo.
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