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I have been drawing since I was a small child. All I needed to entertain myself was a box of crayons and a pad of paper,  Regarding my education and life as an artist. I studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago - earned my B.A. in commercial illustration. But my real education came from drawing live caricatures at one of Chicago's top tourist attractions -Navy Pier.  I must have drawn a million faces and made 999,865 laugh. (Can't win them all!) 

   I'' have been entertaining with my caricatures since
2001.  I really love what I do.  I get to interact with
a lot of different people, break the grumpiest faces and watch them burst with laughter.  It's a powerful thing!!!    The greatest pleasure I get is to hear when clients frame their caricatures, hang them in their home or office and chuckle every time they pass it.  Another client has rows of her daughter's caricatures displayed on their family room wall, showing her grow through the years.  I am humbled and honored to see that I am part of families' special traditions of life. 

   I thank my family.: my wife, my business manager, my daughter, photographer & videographer and my son, my social media marketer..  I wouldn't be where I am today without them. I plan to continue growing, learning and spreading laughter throughout the world.        - Adam Belmares

The next event


could be YOURS!!!

Chuck Norris caricature
Chuck Norris caricature
What  Is  " Adamize  It " ? 

A friend once asked me to create a piece of artwork for him.   He then added, "Do whatever it is you do best - ADAMIZE IT!"   'Adamize It'  is that special something I like to put into every art piece that I create. 

- Adam Belmares


So, if you want a caricature done from an artist who executes his work using a perfect balance of speed, likeness, and humor, then you are ready to...


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