Grab your guests' attention as soon as they walk into the reception with a custom made caricature artwork of the bride & groom. Use it as a center piece or a sign in board.

Poster Size Caricatures!


Make a statement with a 22x 28" caricature artwork.  This makes a great center piece to show the spirit and character of the bride and groom. It's a great way to welcome your guests as they arrive to the hall, especially if you might be busy with other guests. Use it simply as a welcoming sign or frame it with a thick mat so that guests can sign their name or you may simply just want to reserve the signing for your bridesmaids and groomsmen.  However you decide, a poster size caricature of the bride and groom will add a personal touch to your wedding.   


Adam's caricatures bring out the true character of a person on paper.  Choose a level style to meet your style preference.  See the different levels and prices below.



Caricature drawn from a photo
Caricature drawn from a photo
Caricature from photos
Caricatures drawn from a photo



Head & Shoulders Only:

Caricatures drawn from a photo
Caricature Artwork Prices

Traditional work (Levels 1 & 3): 

original 22" x 28" poster sized cardstock

sent via U.S.P.S. 

Medium: Airbrush



Flat fee: $40.00 for up to 25 characters.

 $2  for each additional character


          Sneak A Peek:  


For an extra fee of $50.00 you can see the drawing before it's completed for the opportunity to request any changes. 

Get a quote on a custom caricature artwork drawn from a photo.

See what our clients are saying...(see more)

"I met with Adam.  I showed him what I wanted to have done. He said it was quite doable.  We first met on a Monday and the following Monday we met again with the finished caricatures.  When my family started opening their Christmas gifts, the first Caricature got so many oohs and aahs and everyone was laughing so hard. As each person would receive one, we all laughed harder and harder,  comparing who looked the cutest and who looked the funniest.  It was easy to guess who's who,  as Adam caught even the tiniest facial features, I hadn't noticed.  To make a long story short, we loved the finished products and now know who to call when we need anything of the kind. Honest, prompt and especially kind.  Thanks Adam - we all love the caricatures.  Hope to see you again soon." 

-  Marge Kenealy

Plainfield, IL

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