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Caricature from a photo printed on a beer mug

Grab your guests' attention as soon as they walk into the reception with a custom made caricature artwork of the bride & groom. Use it as a center piece or a sign in board.

Poster Size Caricatures!


Make a statement with a 22x 28" caricature artwork.  This makes a great center piece to show the spirit and character of the bride and groom. It's a great way to welcome your guests as they arrive to the hall, especially if you might be busy with other guests. Use it simply as a welcoming sign or frame it with a thick mat so that guests can sign their name or you may simply just want to reserve the signing for your bridesmaids and groomsmen.  However you decide, a poster size caricature of the bride and groom will add a personal touch to your wedding.   


Adam's caricatures bring out the true character of a person on paper.  Choose a level style to meet your style preference.  See the different levels and prices below.

Caricature levels Artwork from photos



Head & Shoulders Only:

Caricatures drawn from a photo
Caricature Artwork Prices

Traditional work (Levels 1 & 3): 

original 22" x 28" poster sized cardstock

sent via U.S.P.S. 

Medium: Airbrush



Flat fee: $40.00 for up to 25 characters.

 $2  for each additional character


          Sneak A Peek:  


For an extra fee of $50.00 you can see the drawing before it's completed for the opportunity to request any changes. 

Get a quote on a custom caricature artwork drawn from a photo.
Wedd-Price Chart Reg. and Dig.
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