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My Top 5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Planning For a Memorable Event.

As a caricature entertainer, I have performed at countless events during my 16+ years of experience. Most events that I have attended have been amazing and I am very glad to have been part of such wonderful occasions. But, there have been some events I have experienced that were clearly not well thought out. Being an artist, I can't help but to be observant to details and notice the effects they have on the behavior of the guests.

Here's my two cents: Planning ahead is a key element to a successful event. From my experience, those who plan ahead have a better success rate than those who try to throw something together at the last minute and sometimes literally "the last minute". Here are my top 5 tips to keep in mind for your next event that will help you create a memorable one; an event that your guests will positively talk about for weeks (maybe even years).

1. Spend Your Budget Wisely.

This is the best place to start. The budget is going to set the parameters of the size of event you want or need. I have seen what happens when people spend the majority of their budget in one area such as decorations only to dispose them at the end of the event. I have seen other occasions when not enough of the budget was spent towards the food. This is obvious when I see people waiting impatiently for food that had to be ordered (typically pizza) in addition to the first spread of catered food. Clearly, there were more people than food. The result is an event with unhappy guests. Spend wisely not foolishly.

Don't budge yet, I have more tips for you!

1. Know Who is on Your Guest List.

How many people are you going to invite? How many people can you invite? Do they get along? Who are they? What are their needs? Whether it is a corporate event or a children’s party, knowing who is on the guest list will help you accommodate them. Let's face it, without guests, you have no event. As a caricature artist, I like to get more information about my clients' guests, so that I know who I will engage with and know best how to capture their personality in each drawing.

3. Find the Appropriate Venue For Your Event.

When you have figured out how many guests you will be expecting, it becomes a little bit easier to decide the place for your event. You would not want to throw a retirement party inside a noisy arcade or have your children’s birthday party at a night club, would you? Next, think about whether the venue will have the appropriate capacity for your guests. A large guest list requires ample space for your guests to move around and socialize. This may sound logical, but you would be surprised as to how this detail is often overlooked.

4. Offer A Well Balanced Menu for Your Guests

Having a well balanced variety of food and drinks to offer your guests will liven up any event. Everyone has a different diet and guests REALLY appreciate to see that the host/hostess kept their special needs in mind. It really makes them feel welcomed and appreciated in return.

5. Have Something Fun For Your Guests to Do

Choosing the right entertainment for your guests is just as important as the food. The last thing you want to see is your guests retreating to their smart phones. That's typically a sign that they are bored, unless they are posting photos on social media about how awesome your party is. If you want to plan a memorable event, make room for entertainment. There are so many choices out there when it comes to entertainment. So how do you choose? Whatever you choose, let it be something that becomes interactive. Something that encourages them to share it with one another, giving them the opportunity to bond with one another.

Remember, the event you plan is really for your guests and the guest of honor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Make the time to sit back and watch your guests laugh, enjoy the food and have fun!!!

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Adam Belmares Caricatures, caricaturist, caricature artist blog
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