Live Virtual Events

In response to the COVID-19,  Adam Belmares Caricatures is offering a solution for the Quarantine blues. We are proud to introduce to you:

100% COVID- 19 Safe Caricatures

How can you plan an entertaining event while in quarantine?  In accordance to the nationwide guidelines and  to avoid large social gatherings, we are offering live virtual caricatures.  Using video conferencing technology, we can schedule a live one on one video conference session with an artist. Chat with the artist and enjoy watching the artist at work right before your eyes.  Meanwhile, all your guests tuned in will enjoy the entertainment within the comfort of their own home.   Live virtual events are great for large corporate meetings and safe family entertainment events. 

Just what the doctor ordered!  

Two great ways to have fun with others while maintaining social distancing.


 May cause loss of boredom and bladder control. Increased laughter has known to be  a common side effect.

 Let us all do our part to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Digital Caricature Drawings

Give the gift of laughter to someone special during this time of quarantine.  Digital caricature drawings are 100% contact free and comply with the public health recommendations of maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet (2 meters) from others.   Just send us a photo and we will send you the  ADAMIZED   version for you to enjoy and share.

Now only


Per person

See what our clients are saying...(see more)

"I met with Adam.  I showed him what I wanted to have done. He said it was quite doable.  We first met on a Monday and the following Monday we met again with the finished caricatures.  When my family started opening their Christmas gifts, the first Caricature got so many oohs and aahs and everyone was laughing so hard. As each person would receive one, we all laughed harder and harder,  comparing who looked the cutest and who looked the funniest.  It was easy to guess who's who,  as Adam caught even the tiniest facial features, I hadn't noticed.  To make a long story short, we loved the finished products and now know who to call when we need anything of the kind. Honest, prompt and especially kind.  Thanks Adam - we all love the caricatures.  Hope to see you again soon." 

-  Marge Kenealy

Plainfield, IL

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